Welcome to Edwards Fitness! My name is Gavin and I’m a personal trainer, operating out of my private gym in Ruislip.

If you’re looking for a relaxed, non-judgmental environment, in which you can set goals, train and improve with expert instruction, look no further. Edwards Fitness provide a holistic fitness coaching service that helps burn fat, build muscle and improve your overall level of health. What’s more, we’ll equip you with nutritional and dietary advice during each of our sessions, so you can maintain progress and fuel your training in the right way. Whether you’re just starting out or nearing the peak of fitness, elevate your workout today, with expert instruction.


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Meet Gavin

By training, I’m a scientist. I’ve spent much of the past 15 years consulting for biotech-companies, developing medicines for diseases such as cancer, diabetes and dementia. When I’m not consulting, you’ll probably find me in my private gym in Ruislip, where I hope I’ll find you too! I’m passionate about fitness, owing to the physical and mental benefits associated with being in great shape. Take a look at my About Me page to find out more and see why I’m the person to entrust with your fitness training today.

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Why Edwards 



 Train in Private

Going to the gym can be an intimidating prospect, especially when you’re starting again after a long time away or having never been before. All sessions at my private gym in Ruislip are conducted 1:1, with no prying eyes. Just you, me and the pursuit of your goals.


 Qualified Instruction

My qualifications have equipped me with the ability to provide a fantastic PT service. From gym instruction, to personal training, to nutrition, I’m fully qualified to deliver expert advice in a way that is both useful and constructive.


 Knowledge of the Body

With a background in biochemistry as well as human molecular and cellular biology, my expert knowledge of the body and its workings give me an edge on other PTs out there. I won’t just help you make changes – I’ll help you understand why you’re making them.







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  • Qualified Gym Instructor
  • Qualified Personal Trainer
  • Qualified Nutritional Therapist
  • First Class Degree in Biochemistry
  • PhD in Human Molecular and Cell Biology
  • Fully Insured

Visit my About Me page for more information on my qualifications and how they’re relevant to your next workout.





Each session at my private gym in Ruislip is bespoke to your fitness journey and what you’re looking to achieve



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