Everyone’s at a different stage in their fitness journey. Some of us are at the very beginning and some of us are nearing the mountain peak.

Wherever you are, I can help you take those next steps and make your way toward the top. My name’s Gavin and, at my private gym in Ruislip, I offer personalised, 1-on-1 sessions that will equip you with the knowledge and techniques you’ll need to achieve your fitness goals. Whether you’re aiming for increased muscle mass, better definition or weight loss in Ruislip, my holistic approach to fitness can help you.



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A Holistic

When it comes to improved fitness and weight loss in Ruislip, my methodology is based on three interlinked pillars:

 Muscle Building and Definition

 Fat Reduction






The Process

1. Initial Consultation

First things first, get in touch to arrange your free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll sit down with a coffee, talk about your goals and determine if my services might be of benefit to you. You’ll have the chance to view the studio and ask questions, so that you can start or continue your fitness journey with confidence.

2. Induction and Goal Setting

Our first session will serve as an orientation to the fitness studio; we’ll begin to explore your aims in more detail and start to set goals. Whether you’re looking for weight loss in Ruislip or packing on lean muscle, nutrition will be fundamental to your progress; we’ll take the opportunity to discuss dietary considerations and ensure you avoid the countless dietary pitfalls that can slow or reverse your progress.

3. Training and Tracking

Regardless of your goals – be it gaining muscle or weight loss in Ruislip – resistance work will be key. This will be the primary focus of our training sessions, utilising both free weights and cables. Depending on your aims, we may also incorporate cardiovascular-based exercise, which can include high intensity interval training (HIIT). Dietary advice will be provided in-session on an on-going basis, and progress aligned to mutually-agreed goals will be tracked.

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All sessions are priced at £40 per hour.




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Do you want to take your fitness to the next level?  Try my 10-Week Body Blast.  You’ll get 2 in-person, 1:1, private training sessions each week, with expert nutritional advice throughout. The course is perfect for those starting out on their fitness journey or returning after a break.  Book a free, no-obligation consultation today through my contact page.

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